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Legendary Education Series

Each One | Teach One




To prepare the next generation of youth leaders for a productive adulthood through entrepreneurship, technology and life skills education Goal: Provide a preparatory vehicle for youths in the local community that bridges the gap to adulthood and connects the business sector and technology to their life and career choices.


The goal of the clinics is to ignite an interest of curiosity for higher learning in media, arts and digital technology other than drugs, gangs, and violence.


Education Clinics will include:

- Entrepreneurship education

- College Readiness Preparatory Information

  & Survival Kits

- Adult Education Program

- Life Skills Program

- Financial Literacy Clinic

- Microsoft Office Crash Course

- Hands on Activities


The Legendary Awards Foundation will partner with local youth centers, technology startups in Atlanta's ever growing creative tech hub, Kaplan College Preparatory training, a local bank community representative to educate on financial literacy and life skills motivational speaker.

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